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TRUE SWEAT supports the normal sweating process and brain function and contains ingredients known to help maintain a healthy nervous system. Anhidrosis, the failure to sweat or insufficient sweat, reduces a horse’s ability to perform. Signs include not sweating at all, only small amounts of sweat under the bridle or saddle pad after riding, light sweat on the flanks, dull coat and heavy breathing during and after exercise. When a horse does not sweat properly, core temperature and essential enzyme-driven metabolic process cannot be properly maintained. Failure to sweat causes increased body temperature, acid in the stomach and general discomfort.
Please note:
This unique combination of ingredients may be used under current USEF and FEI regulations. This supplement has been used in FEI competitions including the Pan American Games, FEI World Cup Finals, World Equestrian Games, Rolex Three-Day Event and the Olympics, as well as USEF competitions nationwide. It is the rider and the trainer’s responsibility to stay abreast of the rule changes for the USEF, FEI and other governing organizations.

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