EASY DOES IT promotes calming and relaxation and helps nervous, high-strung horses of all ages.


Sold in box of 12 doses
One (1) dose / 1 oz (30 ml.)



EASY DOES IT helps promote a calm temperament and emotional balance, and is recommended by veterinarians, professional trainers and champion riders, from coast to coast. Originally developed as a pre-race product for Thoroughbred racehorses, this supplement helps maintain horses in every discipline. Use EASY DOES IT to help keep horses at the top of their game and to help keep them from burning unnecessary energy.

EASY DOES IT promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. It supports nervous or concerned horses, along with mares and foals undergoing the weaning process. EASY DOES IT helps the anxious horse cope with the pressures of a changing daily routine.

The easy-to-use formula makes for happy horses and happy owners.

Active Ingredients per 30 ml tube:
L-Tryptophan 6,000mg
Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 1,000mg
Thiamine HCI 200mg

Directions for use:
Give 1 tube (30 ml) orally the night before event and 1 tube (30 ml) orally 2–1/2 hours prior to event.

CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS products should be stored at 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme hot and cold temperatures and direct sunlight may cause ingredient breakdown. When properly stored, Choice of Champions products have a shelf life of two years.

Please note:
This supplement has been used in FEI competitions including the Pan American games, FEI World Cup Finals, World Equestrian Games, Rolex Three-Day Event and the Olympics, as well as USEF competitions nationwide. It is the rider and the trainer’s responsibility to stay abreast of the rule changes for the USEF, FEI and other governing organizations.

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