About Us

About Us

In 2016, a horseowner using CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS products, asked one of our Sales Reps if U SHIELD would help his son’s show pigs that were having appetite and stomach problems. The rest is history as we set up CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS products for the livestock industry.

Russell Pedrett, Herd Manager at Ottenwalter Show Pigs in Colusa, CA is a strong supporter of the full livestock product line and has this to say about U SHIELD:

“We started feeding U Shield in early 2016 to our show boars and youth projects here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs. We were immediately impressed by their increase in appetite and weight gain after just their first week on the product. We believe U Shield promotes digestive health and a normal stomach ph, and helps eliminate any problems or issues caused by today’s modern high fat diets. Additionally, we’ve found that U Shield helps keep our hogs on feed during times of travel, stress, and diet change at shows by settling their stomach and helping maintain a calm temperament. We highly recommend this product for anyone serious about feeding show pigs!”

CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS’ founder, Allyn Maix, a lifelong horseman has extended the passion and commitment for equine health to encompass the amazing livestock industry.

This deep respect for all animals is woven into the DNA of CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS and has earned the company and its products a devoted following.