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At CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS, we’ve been helping horses perform and look their best since 2006. Using science, research and feedback from the world’s most successful horsemen, we’ve developed a line of products that addresses common challenges faced by horses at work. Whether your horse is an Olympic competitor or a trusty trail companion, CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS supports his vitality and performance.
As part of our best practices, we work closely with riders in every discipline, from show jumping and dressage to reining and barrel racing. Our favorite part of the day is when we receive emails or calls from riders sharing stories about how CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS made a difference in their horse’s success.
Our passion and commitment to equine health originates with CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS’ founder, Allyn Maix, a lifelong horseman. Allyn has ridden fox hunters in Long Island, dressage and show jumpers in Florida and trail horses all over the world. Her passion for horses ensures that their well-being is close to her heart.
One of our treasured notes came from FEI level endurance rider Amy Atkins: “Juniper felt fantastic at the end of the hundred [mile race] and was awarded The Best Condition Horse by the panel of vets! I am so thrilled with your supplements! Juniper never went off her food for the first time ever! Her joints felt great, she was breathing well and stayed calm! I can’t thank you enough!”
This deep respect for horses is woven into the DNA of CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS and has earned the company and its products a devoted following.