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Horse Supplements from Choice of Champions International

Recommended by veterinarians, professional trainers, and champion riders, the Choice of Champions brand of equine supplements are helping horses in virtually every equestrian discipline including jumping, dressage, polo, racing, reining, cutting, roping and barrel racing.

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Performance and health; we demand it of our horses, we pray for it, we laugh and cry over it, and we wish it would last forever. When our horses are at their peak, we are too. When they are not, we want a product that is going to work—and work fast.

For setbacks in your horse’s health and performance, Choice of Champions has developed specialized horse supplements that can get your horse back to full speed and top form in record time. Used and recommended by top professionals in a range of equestrian sports and equine medicine, our line of supplements work wonders for young and old horses with joint problems, ulsers, and respiratory problems.

Super Joint Solution is Godsend! I am currently competing Bono Sera, a 21 year old WB owned by Heather Bender at L 1. Just a Month ago I was thinking and feeling that he would not make another season and debating if retiring from competition would be best for him.

We started on Super Joint Solution just two weeks ago, and he has a new lease on life. During a short recent very cold spell, I was dreading bringing him out to work for fear of the worst, but, thanks to Super Joint Solution, he worked like a young FEI horse. Tried and proven...its the best!!!!

Leah Winston

"I use Choice of Champions International's True Sweat on two of my horses that have had sweating issues in the past. We work in tropical conditions at our home farm in Ocala, Florida and True Sweat helps our horses perform at their peak. We also use U Shield for all of the horses during stressful situtations like pre-show training, transport, and showing."

Chester Weber of Live Oak Combined Driving
8-Time USEF National Four-in-Hand Driving Champion
Ranked 2nd in the FEI World Cup Standings for Combined Driving as of August 2011
Winner of the 2011 Fahrderby at Riesenbeck, CHIO Aachen, CAIO Vecses, and CAI Altenfelde